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I was born in San Mateo, California. I took a special interest in photography and got my first 35mm camera at 14. After learning the basics of black and white processing and printing in high school art classes, I polished my skills at the Pacific Northwest college of art and then Chabot Jr. college in Hayward. Finally I decided to make a career out of my photography and enrolled in the incredible photojournalism department at SFSU, where I received a BA in photojournalism.

While I was in college, photography began to change. I can remember the first huge, clunkey, Kodak negative scanner SFSU purchased for the students. This was my first experience digitizing images and using Photoshop. Now digital cameras are the norm and my experience in school gave me an early start. I am proficient in film and digital photography.

My photographic interests are diverse. I enjoy shooting news, sports, nature, cultural events, landscapes, architecture and documentary.